5 strategies for enjoying your workday


“Self-care” seems like a sacred thing, a word reserved for activities you do in the privacy of your home. Yoga, long baths, and quiet, meditative evenings come to mind.

In our personal lives, we are often very deliberate about our self-care and the forms it takes. At the office — not so much. When it comes to the workplace, we often feel our employers should bear the responsibility for ensuring our happiness and well-being.

However, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. Your company might provide snacks, board games, and holiday parties, but for a truly happier you, you’ll need to make self-care your business at work.

If you’re feeling unhappy at work, don’t wait for your employer to fix it. Try switching up your routine with these quick, nourishing activities:

1. Snack healthy, and snack often

A hungry human is a cranky human. When you’re running low on energy, power up with a handful of nuts, some dried fruit, or a whole-grain protein bar.

2. Do something you love on your lunch break

Play an instrument, work on the novel you’ve been writing, or go feed the ducks at a nearby park. This gives your day some variety and creates a sense of purpose outside of your cubicle.

3. Take group walks

Don’t talk about work or gossip about coworkers. Keep the conversation light with topics like weekend plans and new TV shows.

4. Keep a small LEGO collection at your desk

You’ll only need 20-30 pieces for this healthy distraction. Challenge yourself to create something new using every single piece at least three times a week.

5. Work in pairs

You might have fallen out of love with your job, but that doesn’t mean every aspect of your company is dull. Join a team member for a group project or venture beyond your department to learn something new and freshen your perspective.

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