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How to stand out when meeting new people

Meeting and befriending new people isn’t easy. Even the extraverts among us can have a hard time standing out. At the same time, though, meeting new people is unavoidable in our modern work environment. We need to meet — and impress — new people whenever we go to an interview, join a new team,

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3 ways to rediscover your passion for sales

A salesperson who has lost their passion is like a writer who has lost their pen. In both cases, someone lacks the tool they need most, making it had to stay motivated and accomplish goals. Passion matters in sales. Passionate sales people believe in their products and strive to help customers

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5 tips for more efficient recruiting and sourcing

Much like people, every business is unique, and this extends to how companies source, engage, and hire candidates. Some businesses do group interviews, some prefer to use text messages, and others enjoy more traditional methods like posting on job boards or advertising in newspapers. But no matter what a company does, no talent acquisition

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How to present yourself like a rock star

I am asked all the time why I gave up a lucrative career in entertainment to become a recruiter. The answer is simple: I love working with those who can benefit from my years of expertise as an artist development executive. Working on gold and multiplatinum projects at record labels

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Fast and effective ways to hire top talent in 2018

Recruiting technologies are continuously improving the way we work, but technology isn’t the only thing that can assist when you’re trying to grow your workforce fast. Here are some inexpensive (but proven) methods to help you hire top talent in 2018: Double down on employee referrals Employee referrals are second to none

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5 strategies for enjoying your workday

“Self-care” seems like a sacred thing, a word reserved for activities you do in the privacy of your home. Yoga, long baths, and quiet, meditative evenings come to mind. In our personal lives, we are often very deliberate about our self-care and the forms it takes. At the office — not so much.

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